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Peas originated in southwestern Asia, north-western India, Pakistan, Central Asia and Afghanistan and thereafter spread to Europe. Peas used as a vegetable were grown in United Kingdom in the middle Ages. Pea was introduced into the Americas soon after Columbus. Peas are known in China from the first century. Peas were reported to be originally cultivated as a winter annual crop in the Mediterranean region.

In Ancient times this plant was a symbol of fertility was an indispensable element in various national ceremonies and holidays. Naturally this plant has found its application in magic and sorcery (symbolizes money. material wealth and prosperity). It was also believed that the right fragrant of this plant was a great help for colds as it strengthens the immune system.

Based on established literature on the anticancer property of P. sativum and possible mode of action, this review article has focused to demonstrate that P. sativum could be further explored for the development of anticancer treatment. 

It was also believed that if the hand to keep the peas, the people around you will not be able to lie to you, they will always be honest and give truthful information.

 Peas are said to boost your immunity because they are packed with antioxidants and it is said that a fistful of peas daily keep wrinkles and fine lines away and tends to give a natural glow to the skin. They are good for pregnant women because they are an excellent source of folic acid and vitamin B. Peas are high in fibre so its aids with digestion.

Chilblains are swellings and inflammations of the fingers and toes due to cold temperatures in winter. Green peas are a natural remedy for chilblains. For this purpose, boil green peas in water. Straining out the peas, mix 1 teaspoon sesame oil to this water and foment your fingers in it for some time. Afterwards, wash with this water. This will significantly lessen swelling, inflammation and discomfort. It also Soothes Burns you can apply a fresh paste of peas on the burnt area.

Peas do not contain any extra sugars like white sugar or chemicals and hence, it enables blood sugar regulation in the body. Pea proteins play a very important role in this action.

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