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Kamdali Way

10 years of the vision of being honest !

Kamdali Story

In 2019 we celebrated 10 years of the vision of being honest and innovative in anything we do which was established by our founder Dr Anushka Bogdanov.   Kamdali, or as it is known to our loyal consumers, @OrganicKamdali is a member of the Risk Insights group of companies.

Kamdali is a proud supplier of carefully selected healthy food.   We are proud to be one of the pioneers in supplying organic, ready-to-eat food products certified according to the highest standards of the USA and EU.  We know that many of our customers have very busy lifestyles.

We are responsible to nature and to ourselves. Our products are produced using modern organic technologies which care for nature. Maintaining the right balance between business and environmental responsibility is important to us so we ensure that our products are prepared by preserving and caring for the environment.

Inspired Healthy Recipes and Foods...

We aim to contribute to a greener environment responsible to nature and ourselves and to provide organic food in the most sustainable way.

Where to buy

Carefully selected best in South Africa retailers who share our passion for good healthy food and organic natural life style.